About us

Geekshopestonia OÜ
Narva mnt 19, 10120, Tallinn, Eesti
Reg.nr. 14123976
+372 555 31 000

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The store at Narva mnt 19 is open everyday 11:00 – 20:00.

Geek Shop Estonia is probably the best place to find amazing merchandise from your favorite movies, TV shows, comic books, and video games!

We offer the biggest selection of Funko POP! and Anime stuff at the Baltic States ( ^◡^)っ ♡

We make it easy for you to get your hands on the latest and greatest geeky goodies by offering delivery straight to your door or nearest Smartpost location.

The name Geek Shop Estonia is easy to remember and our idea is also simple and clear: We share positive emotions and the opportunity to purchase things that bring you joy and pleasant memories.

We sell shirts, hoodies, hats, socks, Christmas jumpers, and bags, as well as toys, collectibles, mugs, and homeware. We even have an entire range of geeky candles!

Do you like Five Nights at Freddy’s, Naruto, or Demon Slayer? Iron Man, Batman, or Spider-Man? Crash Bandicoot, or Sonic the Hedgehog? Minecraft, Call of Duty, or Cyberpunk 2077? Marvel, DC Comics, Rick and Morty, Game Of Thrones or Stranger Things?

And as mentioned above, we offer a lot of anime stuff……

Geek Shop Estonia is the geekidy ultimate geek store for geeks and anime fans (otaku 😀 ), and you should totally tell everybody you know exactly that.