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Allison Hargreeves, also known as Number Three or by her superhero alter-ego The Rumor, is the third member of the Umbrella Academy. Described as narcissistic, she has the ability to manipulate reality by lying, using the phrase “I heard a rumor…” to activate the power. After her career with The Umbrella Academy, she married her boyfriend, Patrick, and had a daughter named Claire. The couple has since divorced, and Patrick has full custody of their daughter, due to Allison using her special ability on Claire. She has a cybernetic left hand as Dr. Terminal devoured her original hand when she was a child. In “Dallas”, when she goes to get vocal surgery, her arm is no longer drawn as if it were mechanical, suggesting that it too had been fixed. In the Netflix adaptation, she is portrayed by Emmy Raver-Lampman as an adult and by Eden Cupid as a teenager.[8][18] In the adaptation, Allison uses her powers to become an extremely successful actress after leaving The Umbrella Academy. She is romantically linked to her adopted brother, Luther Hargreeves. In the comics, their love for each other is unconsummated as Luther sees himself as a monstrosity due to his gorilla body. However, in the Netflix adaptation, the two hook up before and after Allison’s marriage. In both the comics and show, Allison uses her ability of suggestion to make her husband Patrick fall in love with her; after they divorce, Allison ends up with limited custody of their child. In the adaptation, Patrick eventually discovers that Allison has used her ability on their daughter Claire which leads to their divorce.