Funko POP! Animation: Naruto – Shikamaru Nara


Shikamaru Nara as a stylized Pop! vinyl figure! Based on the popular anime series Naruto Shippuden. The Pop! Vinyl figure comes in a displayable window box! It stands approx. 9 cm tall.

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Shikamaru is an extremely unenthusiastic person, and as such lives his life avoiding work. This is partly due to him seeking paths of least resistance, as he often chooses to do things he would otherwise not do if people nag him enough. In his free time he typically takes naps, watches clouds, and plays strategy games such as Shogi and Go. When put into a situation where he potentially needs to put effort into something, he attempts to try to find a way to avoid it such as forfeiting a battle or by pretending to be preoccupied with something else. In the instances where he can not avoid these situations, Shikamaru tends to remark “how troublesome.”

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