When we were all introduced to the infamous and lovable Harley Quinn she was nothing more than the Joker’s henchman. Eventually, she climbed out from the depths shadow of the Clown Prince of Crime. She’s become one of the most beloved antiheroes in the DC universe! Celebrate your love for this DC character when you grab this Harley Quinn BDS 1/10 BDS Art Scale Statue.

From humble beginnings, this flat and generic character has become one of the most well-rounded villains/antiheroes in the wide world of comic books. From running with the Suicide Squad to leading the Birds of Prey, and causing plenty of mayhem in Gotham all on her own, Harley has undoubtedly stolen the hearts of many. Make Harley proud by putting this beautiful 1/10th scale statue on display as the centerpiece of your DC collection!

Weight 0,17 kg
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 23 cm
Age recommendation