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Royal Bobbles created a collection of bobbleheads based on characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead. The show features America in a post-apocalyptic setting. Zombies or “walkers” roam almost every street across the country. A sheriff, Rick Grimes, leads a group of survivors to find safety. But is it really safe? The show follows the group as they migrate from shelter to shelter in search of their final safe haven from the walkers. This bobblehead highlights Michonne and her fierce attitude.

She tightly grasps her samurai sword, ready to attack anything that comes to harm her group. She sports her classic look of dreadlocks, a headband, a leather vest, black pants, and studded black boots. Throughout the show, Michonne is ready for anything! It’s hard to believe that Michonne wasn’t one of the characters from the original Atlanta survival group.

Although she was a loner when she first appeared on the show, she has become a beloved character of the show and is an integral part of the survival group that we know and love. All our models are crafted with extreme attention to detail and are of the highest possible quality. View other bobbleheads in our collection to learn more about other pop culture and entertainment icons. All Royal Bobbles bobbleheads are about 20 cm tall and are made from highest-quality, heavyweight polyresin. Each bobblehead is hand painted, making each one unique. Each Royal Bobbles product comes with its own unique serial number on the bottom of the base to indicate authenticity.

Weight 0,2 kg
Dimensions 13 × 25 × 13 cm
Age recommendation